Dear readers,

Wishing you a joyous, successful and blessed new year (January 10, 2015). I hope you join us on January 10th as we welcome Ms. J. T. Bock, Author of A Surefire Way and Ms. Rebecca Rivard, Author of Seducing the Sun Fae to the first Lady Jane’s Salon Silver Spring Romance reading series of 2015. The ladies will be reading from their recent releases.

Ms. J. T. Bock, Author of A Surefire Way

JT Bock headshotWhen J.T. Bock was a child, she wanted to be James Bond or Indiana Jones or a vampire hunter or Wonder Woman. Whatever brought her the most action, adventure and romance while play acting on her stage—otherwise known as her grandmother’s basement.

Over the past few years, from a secret location outside of Washington, DC, J.T. has conjured pulse-pounding tales to share with kindred readers looking for an exciting escape. She’s written three novels and several short stories and is an active member of RWA and WRW. Her latest book, a superhero romance, A Surefire Way, was published in 2013.

The second book in the series will be released in early 2015 along with a new short story in a paranormal romance anthology. When not speaking at conferences or blogging about writing life, her alternate identity enjoys spending time with her workaholic husband and their sidekick rescue dog, traveling to interesting locales (San Diego Comic-Con), and enjoying life to the fullest with an amazing group of family and friends and a good glass of wine.

Ms. Bock will be reading from her latest, A Surefire Way.


A Surefire Way
PrintSurefire’s plan was simple: Capture the genetically modified thief Raven. Win back the respect of her father. Get promoted from rookie to full-time UltraAgent–raise included.

Easy, right? Well, not so much.

An ancient god is threatening to take over the world and only Raven can stop him–with Surefire’s help. Now Surefire must team with Raven, who is more than he seems under his distractingly tight pants, and give up everything she had thought important to save the world.

To purchase your copy of A Surefire Way, please visit


Ms. Rebecca Rivard, Author of Seducing the Sun Fae

Rebecca Rivard photoAs a teenager, Rebecca Rivard read way too many romances, little realizing she was actually preparing for a career. After a detour through various forms of nonfiction writing, she has returned to her first love. She has placed highly in a number of romance writing contests, including first place for sexiest scene in the MRW Reveal Your Inner Vixen contest.

Like the river fada in her new paranormal romance series, Rebecca is happiest in or near the water, believes that the fae are beautiful but dangerous, and could happily exist in a world without cell phones—although not without her e-reader.

Ms. Rivard will be reading from her recent release, Seducing the Sun Fae.


Seducing the Sun Fae


Prepare to be ensnared…

A Dark, Shapeshifting Alpha…

Dion, alpha of a shapeshifting river fada clan, has had enough. The sun fae queen has seduced many of his best warriors, leaving them fit for little but fishing and drinking wine, and draining life-energy from his clan in the process. Then comes the final straw—she works her wiles on his youngest brother. It’s time to turn the tables on the shallow, pleasure-loving queen.

Sets Out to Ensnare a Fae Queen…

Cleia is a two-hundred-year old fae whose powerful glamour gets her any man she wants. But she’s bored. She wants something more—and all she knows is that the river fada men have it. So when she meets the big, untamed river fada, she wants him instantly, despite the fact that—or perhaps because—something whispers this man is dangerous.

She all but orders him to her bed.

That’s just what Dion is counting on…


Dear Readers,

I hope you join us on Saturday, November 15th to celebrate Romance Fiction. Check out our line-up of talented Guest Romance Authors reading from their latest releases.




Ms. Emelle Gamble, Author of Dating Cary Grant

8 x 10 1-A-black_and_whiteMs. Emelle Gamble has been writing fiction her whole life…she wrote her first story at five, about a lost bunny asking all his fellow creatures if they could tell
him what kind of animal he was…From there she dabbled in teen poetry, stab-in-the-dark attempts at ‘real’ literature and then college, marriage, blessed motherhood, several moves throughout the United States, while she wrote, studied and submitted. She was first published by Harlequin Intrigue’s line of romantic suspense as ‘M. L. Gamble’ and wrote seven books for them.

After a five year hiatus due to something called LIFE, she started sitting at the computer again and Secret Sister was born. Her books are always relationship stories about women and the men they love and the friends they hold dearest, but they’ve also always had a little touch of something else, a mystery here, a ghost there, something extraordinary that gave the folks in my imagined world a little extra to deal with.

These ideas were not the easiest to sell to the New York publishers who wanted books to be one thing, and one thing only… ‘Romance’ or ‘Horror’ or ‘Vampire’ or ‘50 Shades of May’

But she wasn’t good at that “one-thing, and one-thing only” thing, so she submitted Secret Sister, a suspenseful tale about two best friends, one husband, and an extraordinary twist of fate, in a writing contest and won leading to a contract with Soul Mate Publishing, a company that embraces books that do not fall in the ‘one thing’ category.

Ms. Gamble will be reading from her recent release, Dating Cary Grant.

 Dating Cary Grant

dating_cary_grantA career woman in Manhattan. Her small-town husband. The ghost of a hunky screen icon…Welcome to the comic romantic novel, Dating Cary Grant.

Tracy Connor is mulling over what to do about her marriage, her career and her life.

While she’s mulling, she moves out of her family home in quiet Cukor, Connecticut and sublets a small apartment in a brownstone in Turtle Bay, Manhattan.

There she meets – and becomes great friends with –the ghost of her film idol, Cary Grant. He’s the best kind of friend to her, a man who appeals to her on every level, and man she’s always regarded as “Mr. Perfect”.

Cary proves a very charming and pragmatic ghost who only she can see, and he has a co-conspirator on page, a certain red-haired screen legend named Kate, who spars with him as she opines and helps show Tracy the errors of her views on men, marriage, and just what real love is all about.

Ms. Heather Heyford, Author of A Taste of Chardonnay

BorCampbell crop lo (1)n in the Northeast, Ms. Heather Heyford learned to walk and talk in Texas, and then moved to England. (“Ya’ll want some scones?”)

While in Europe, Ms. Heyford was forced by her cruel parents to spend Saturdays in the leopard vinyl back seat of their Peugeot, motoring from one medieval pile to the next for the lame purpose of ‘learning something.’

What she soon learned was how to allay the boredom by stashing a Cosmo under the seat.

Now a recovering teacher, Heather writes love stories, feeds hardboiled eggs to suburban foxes, and makes art in the Mid-Atlantic. See more at

Ms. Heyford will be reading from her recent release, A Taste of Chardonnay.

Get “A Taste of Chardonnay” in print or for kindle at  For Nook at or go to

A Taste of Chardonnay

A Taste of Chardonnay_ebookcover (1)

Join author Heather Heyford as she uncorks a sparkling new series following the St. Pierre sisters, heiresses to a Napa wine fortune who are toasting the good life and are thirsty for love…

Chardonnay St. Pierre’s father is as infamous for his scandals as he is for his wine, and it’s up to Char to restore the family name. The Challenge, an elite charity competition held in Napa, seems like the perfect opportunity for the socialite to cement her image as a philanthropist. But all eyes–including Char’s–are on the Hollywood heartthrob who’s also entered the race…

Long before his face was splashed across the gossip magazines, Ryder McBride grew up in a working-class family in Napa.

He knows all about the St. Pierre sisters and their notorious father, and when he learns he’ll be up against Char in The Challenge, he assumes the grape doesn’t fall far from the vine.

But the more they get to know one another, the more they begin to realize that nothing pairs better with a heated rivalry than a healthy pour of flirtation…

Ms. Afton Locke, Author of Jamaican Temptation

Ms. Afton Locke is a USA Today Bestselling Author who prefers romantic fantasies to everyday reality. Fantasies take her to different times, races, places, and beyond.

She lives with her husband, dog, several unnamed dust bunnies, and a black cat that can be scary or cuddly, depending on the current book. When she’s not writing, Afton enjoys hiking, cooking, crafts, and reading.

She will be reading from her latest release, Jamaican Temptation.

Jamaican Temptation

JamaicanTemptation432x648Shopaholic Kyra Mays decides to shop for a rich man on her Jamaican vacation. Instead, she meets Justin Lance, a white reggae singer who’s nearly as poor as the orphans he devotes his life to helping. Overwhelmed by his magnetism, she decides to have a fling with him.

All that matters to Justin is being a perfect Rastafarian. He vows to avoid succumbing to temptation with the dark beauty at all costs.

Unable to keep their hands off each other, they forge a bond that is just as emotional as physical as they explore their differences on the lush island of Jamaica.

But Justin’s secret will put their ability to compromise through an impossible test.

Ms. Erin McRae and Ms. Racheline Maltese,  Authors of Starling

RachelineMaltese (1)ErinMcRae2Ms. Erin McRae and Ms. Racheline Maltese are authors of the gay romance series Love in Los Angeles, set in the film and television industry (Starling (September 10, 2014), Doves (January 21, 2015), and Phoenix (TBD)), all from Torquere Press.

Their gay romance novella Midsummer (Summer 2015), about a summerstock Shakespeare company, is from Dreamspinner Press.

Ms. Maltese is a NYC-based performer and storyteller. Ms. McRae is a writer and blogger based in Washington, D.C. They write stories and scripts about the intersection of private lives, fame, and desire.

The ladies will be reading from their latest release, Starling.


Starling Cover

When J. Alex Cook, a production assistant on The Fourth Estate (one of network TV’s hottest shows), is accidentally catapulted to stardom, he finds himself struggling to navigate both fame and a relationship with Paul, one of Fourth’s key writers.

Despite their incendiary chemistry, Alex’s inexperience and the baggage they’re both carrying quickly lead to an ugly break-up.

Reeling from their broken hearts, Alex has an affair with a polyamorous co-star and Paul has an ill-advised reunion with an old flame.

Meanwhile, the meddling of their colleagues, friends — and even the paparazzi! — quickly make Alex and Paul’s real life romance troubles the soap opera of the television season.

But while the entertainment value may be high, no one knows better than Alex and Paul that there are no guarantees when it comes to love in Los Angeles.


Dear Readers,

The October 18, 2014 was uniemily-greenwood-photo-200x300que in that it was small and intimate. Guest Author Ms. Emily Greenwood, read from her latest release, Mischief by Moonlight, and Ms. Lavinia Kent read from her release Mastering the Marquess.

We were joined by Ms. Mackenzie Lucas, Ms. Yvonne Pinney, and Ms. Deborah Barnhardt for an intimate evening of what I termed “Authors on Romance”.

After the readings by Ms. Greenwood and Ms. Kent, the table discussion ranged from indie publishing, Romance writing to industry news.

Special thanks to our Guest Authors for taking time from their busy schedule to share their stories of strlaviniauggles and Love and the attendees who also took time from their schedules to support our guests.

I hope you join us on November 15, 2014 when Lady Jane’s Salon Silver Spring welcomes Ms. Emelle Gamble, Author of Dating Cary Grant, Ms. Heather Heyford, Author of A Taste of Chardonnay, Ms. Afton Locke, Author of Jamaican Temptation, and Ms. Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese Authors of Starling.

These ladies will be reading from their recent releases.

(I apologize for I accidentally deleted the pictures for that evening…)



Dear Readers,

I hope  you join us on October 11, 2014 for WRWDC’s Readers and Bloggers Luncheon in celebration of Romance with our readers and bloggers.

Come for an intimate meet and greet and dine with more than 40 of your favorite romance authors. Authors will be giving out swag, books and much more! Featured authors include:

Alexa Egan Kieran Kramer PA DePaul
Anne Barton Kim Headlee Rachel Rawling
Avery Flynn Kimberly Kincaid Robin Covington
Caryn Moya Block Krista Hall Sally MacKenzie
Christi Barth Lavinia Kent Shari Slade
Cristin Harber Liz Everly Solara Gordon
Debra Dunbar Lynne Silver Sonali Dev
Delancey Stewart Mackenzie Lucas Tamra Lassiter
Elizabeth Staab Madeline Iva Terri Brisbin
Geri Krotow Mary Behre Tracey Livesay
Hope Ramsay Meredith Bond Tracy Brogan
Jamie Farrell Mia Kerick
Karna Small-Bodman Miguelina Perez
Kelly Maher Nicole Pouchet

To register, please visit




Dear Readers,

Saturday’s Lady Jane’s Salon Silver Spring’s (September 13, 2014) monthly reading was huge fun and success thanks to all who came and for our talented Romance Authors who came from nearby or afar to introduce the audience to their wonderful stories. Stories of imperfect heroes and heroines, who over their demons to bring us stories of despair, love, and final triumph.

The evening began with Ms. Merry Bond, who read from her Air: Merlin’s Chalice.  This is the first in her “Children of Avalon” series. After Ms. Bond, Ms. Sandra Bunino was next to read from her novel, The Color of Us book 1 of the “McAvery Series”. Ms. Bunino is currently working on book 2 – The Passion of Us.

The evening continued with Ms. Ellen Butler who read from her latest release, Poplar Place. as introduced and read from her latest, Poplar Place. After Ms. Butler, we were joined by Ms. P.A. DePaul, who read from her novel, Exchange of Fire. Our final guest was the funny Ms. Kastil Eavenshade, author of The Romance Novel Book Club.

In the end the stories were funny, action and love. The kind of stories that proves that love can conquer all.

Guest Authors brought several gifts and books that were raffled of to the audience. These books are available on and I highly recommend you check them out.


Ms. Merry Bond, Author of Air: Merlin’s Chalice

MerryMs. Meredith Bond is an award-winning author of a series of traditionally published Regency romances and indie-published paranormal romances.

Known for her characters “who slip readily into one’s heart,” Meredith’s heart belongs to her husband and two children. Meredith’s second favorite pastime is teaching others to write.

If you want a taste of her class in book form, Chapter One is available at your favorite e-retailer.

Ms. Bond will be reading from her latest release, Air: Merlin’s Chalice. After Ms. Bond, Ms. Butler was introduced

Air: Merlin’s Chalice

51sFkd6lNcL._AA160_In one day Scai has gone from being considered unusual by the people of her little Welsh village to an outcast fleeing for her life. Left on the church steps as a baby, she knows nothing of her history—or her abilities. Did she really stop the rain just by wishing it to stop? But she is determined to learn all she can. Travelling alone to find her family seems to be the only way she’s going to find the answers she seeks.

Her journey leads her to the comical old knight Sir Dagonet, who tells her that she is one of a magical people called the Vallen. Together they continue on, joined by the handsome Dylan and the fiery Bridget on a new quest—to find the fabled Merlin’s Chalice, said to hold all the power of the entrapped wizard. Together, Scai, Dylan and Bridget discover that they are the long awaited Children of Avalon, destined to save the world from power-hungry Lady Nimuë—unless she kills them first.

Along the way, Scai finds magic—both in the wind and air that she can control at will, and in the sweet ache of a first love that she cannot.


Ms. Sandra Bunino, Author of The Colors of Us

BuninoHeadshotMs. Sandra Bunino is a romance author of several novellas including The Satin Rose Experience series. Her first full-length novel, The Colors of Us from the McAvery’s series, released in August 2014.

She makes her parents proud by putting her MBA degree to good use dreaming up heroes who resemble David Gandy. When not staying up past her bedtime torturing her oh-so-sexy heroes, she can be found shopping for shoes or saving turtles.

As a social media junkie in need of a ten-step program, you can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter (@sandrabunino), and her new addiction, Pinterest.

Ms. Bunino loves to read and chat with other readers, so she formed the Bunino’s Bookalicious Babes group on Facebook where they currently share their love of Jamie Fraser from Outlanders…and David Gandy, of course.

She will be reading from her latest, The Color of Us.

The Color of Us

ColorsofUsCoverEverything she knew to be true fell apart. Then fell apart again…

Michelle Willis is running from her past. What better place to hide than in the anonymity of New York City. Finding refuge in a tiny SoHo art gallery, she rebuilds her life one painting at a time.

A wrong turn sends Hunter McAvery on a crash course with disaster. He fights his own demons by following his big brother’s lead – drinking and bed-hopping his way through Manhattan.

A glance at Michelle’s self-portrait triggers emotions Hunter can’t tamp down. Driven to meet the artist, he discovers a fiery chemistry as their lives collide.

But when their past threatens to tear them apart, can their love survive?


Ms. Ellen Butler, Author of Poplar Place

EBheadshot2 (240x300)Ms. Ellen Butler lives in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, and she is new to novel writing. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Policy, and her history includes a long list of writing and editing for dry, but illuminating professional newsletters, and windy papers on public policy. The leap to novel writing was simply a creative outlet for Ellen’s over-active and romantic imagination to run wild. In the past 9 months Ms. Butler has released three books; Second Chance Christmas, Poplar Place and Heart of Design can be found online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and iBookstore.

Professionally, she belongs to the Virginia Writer’s Club, the Northern Virginia Writer’s club, Write by the Rails, and is a founding member of the Tempting Romance blog. When she’s not writing, she is either, running around after her children, or holed up in her favorite lounge chair reading. Ms. Butler is an admitted chocoholic and confesses to a penchant for shoe shopping. Book Club questions are available online. Book Clubs can also invite her to be a guest author at your next meeting. For more information visit her website, Stalk Ellen on Facebook at EllenButlerBooks, twitter, @EButlerBooks, and view her blogs at Tempting Romance,

Ms. Butler will be reading from her latest, Poplar Place.

Poplar Place

PoplarPlace-EButler-MD-194x300Newly minted librarian, Cara Baker, effectively cuts ties with her tumultuous life in Pittsburgh, and moves to South Carolina where she embraces the peaceful, laid-back style of small town living. Everything seems to be falling into place when Cara finds the perfect house to round out her plans.

Well… perfect except for the immovable hermit living on the top floor. Throwing caution to the wind, she buys the fabulous house—hermit and all—without meeting him. By wooing her reclusive renter with notes and mouthwatering meals, he caves and invites her up to the apartment.

Preconceived notions are blown out of the water, when she finds Danny isn’t the nerdy Mr. Mole she envisioned.

Unfortunately, phone calls from her past bring Cara’s summer idle to an abrupt halt. Will demons from a former life destroy Cara’s tranquility?


 Ms. P.A. DePaul, Author of Exchange of Fire

PA DePaul Author PhotoMs. P.A. DePaul is a multi-genre romance author including paranormal fantasy and romantic suspense. She originally hails from Carroll County and Baltimore County, Maryland, but also lived in Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia.

She currently resides in a beautiful community just outside Philadelphia. Exchange of Fire is her first novel in the SBG series.

You can also find out more about her at and

Ms. DePaul will be reading from her latest novel, Exchange of Fire.

Exchange of Fire

9780698180949-ExchangeofFi_CVFirst in a sexy new romantic suspense series

Faking her death was easy, living with her past is harder, but nothing is more dangerous than falling in love…

Sandra Walsh was a deadly sniper for the Sweet Briar Group, a covert agency with assassins for hire, until her last mission went horribly wrong, accidentally killing an innocent girl. Knowing she’s a danger to her team, Sandra goes off the grid, becoming a Shade—an agent declared dead but secretly hiding among the living. She intends to honor her vow never to pull another trigger or have contact with the spy world again. Until she meets Casper Grady…

Grady is a former Marine with a troubled past and a debt to pay. His life mission has gone from protecting the nation to helping local children and their families. The moment he meets Sandra, he knows there’s more to her than meets the eye, but he can’t help but be drawn to the mysterious femme fatale. And when Sandra’s past suddenly catches up to her, Grady is determined to protect her at all costs, no matter how dark and dangerous her secrets are.

As the danger increases, so does their intense attraction. But when they’re forced to choose between each other and the people they’ve sworn to protect, their growing love might not be enough to keep them together—or alive…


 Ms. Kastil Eavenshade, Author of The Romance Novel Book Club

K E Shade Author Pic - 300-2When her love of reading just wasn’t enough, Ms. Eavenshade’s imagination took pen to paper to bring all that vivid imagery to life. No genre is safe from her feral writing nature. Her naughty diddies are her guilty pleasure, however, and no hero or heroine is safe from her dexterous digits.

Writing has always been her passion. When not in the cusp of her wanton stories, she enjoys playing the flute at church, and creating artwork in digital or manual form.

Ms. Eavenshade is the humble servant of three rescue kitties, one of which she saved from the bitter winter at three months old. She wears her crazy cat lady badge with pride and encourages pet owners to spay or neuter. No home is complete without a fur baby!

She will be reading from her latest, The Romance Novel Book Club.

The Romance Novel Book Club

theromancenovelbookclubFrom the legendary times of the Victorian Age to the rugged reaches of outer space, the romance novels have done nothing to spark Patricia’s want and hope of finding that one special man to call her own.

She’s knee-deep into her thirties, near depression, and drowning her sorrows in pints of premium ice cream.

When she falls for a waiter named Matt in her favorite restaurant, her insecurities do their best to thwart her plans of true love.

It isn’t until she picks up one last romance novel that she realizes life cannot be lived within the ink splattered pages of an author’s fantasies.

She has one chance to set her life straight and snatch the one man who gets her—mind and body. Will Patricia take it?

Be Warned: sex toys, multiple partners, spanking, light bondage, public exhibition


The Washington Romance Writers 2014 Retreat

We wait for the day of the DSCF5409Washington Romance Writers’ retreat to arrive with great hope, joy and excitement. We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones as we share stories of our struggles and achievements with our writing.

We come dreamy-eyed in the hopes of acquiring an agent or publishing house, attend the workshops for knowledge, and participate in the wonderful raffle baskets prepared by our members―the funds collected from the raffles go to charity. This year WRW had two.DSCF5271

The Retreat Committee, composing of committed WRW members, this year was Chaired by Ms. Yvette Bazzell, and they gave it their all (110%) in making sure that this year’s retreat is the best one yet and I say they have succeeded.

The retreaDSCF5278t started on a Friday with a Newcomer Orientation, a Welcome Reception, and a Dinner with a special guest speaker. This year we were honored by Ms. Liliana Hart and her touching and funny story of her journey to fulfill her dreams of becoming an author. After dinner we were directed to one of the rooms for several hours of karaoke.

Saturday begins with “Early Bird” specials like “Improv for Writers” or “Legal Issues and the Digital World.” The day continues with many workshops and appointments arranged for us with visiting literary agents and/or editors.

This year WRW was pleased to host Ms. Jill Marsal, from Marsal Lyon Literary Agency; Ms. Patience Bloom, Senior Editor with Harlequin and Ms. Esi Sogah, Senior Editor with Kensington, to name a few. As you wait for your appointment well wishes are spread around―a sense of camaraderie, nervousness and anticipation fills the air. We are rewarded as we see our colleagues emerge from their interviews with smiles on their faces, as they are invited to submit their writings. A peer’s success is everyone’s success.

The day starts to wind down DSCF5437with cocktails and getting ready for dinner and another guest speaker. Ms. Robin Perini’s touching story had some of us wiping our eyes in fear of the tears threatening to pour out as she spoke about her mother’s inspiration and commitment in making sure her daughter had a chance to follow her dream. Her story reignited in all of us our continued commitment to the passion of writing and our desire to be known as wonderful story tellers.DSCF5451

After dinner everyone gathered for a steam-punk-themed game of “Romance Jeopardy”. The competition was fierce, but filled with laughter, singing and cheering on.

DSCF5465Moonlight Madness, back on the Retreat’s agenda, was stationed in the back of the room, where romance jeopardy was taking place. Attendees got a chance to check out the many goodies they offered for sale―silk scarves, make-up, jewelry, hand-crocheted cowls, Writing Blocks Idea Dices DSCF5473and many other fantastic items.

By the end of the evening everyone is exhausDSCF5466ted, but it is a great feeling of exhaustion because we had spent our time with friends who had us laughing, talking, dancing and singing.

Sunday, there was a sense of calmness, as folks attend either Ms. Kimberly Kincaid’s yoga class or another early bird special. Editors and Agents prepare for their journey home. Members’ passions are renewed with new energy and desires.

There is great anticipation, as there is an expectant of sad goodbyes, but with excitement as we prepare to spend another year of writing, connecting with our readers, and remembering to share our news and successes with our friends at the next WRW retreat. But before everyone goes home to write, the final event is the famous basket raffles. Glorious baskets prepared by our members DSCF5528with different themes.

On behalf of WRW members I would like to thank the following ladies for the love, the energy and commitment in which they went about to make this one weekend-a-year last a lifetime:

Ms. Yvette Bazzell – Retreat Chair & Programs and Retreat Folders, Flowers and Special Decor

Ms. Candy Lyons, President of WRW – WRW Board Liaison and Awards Booklet/Retreat Promo/Bios

Ms. Julie Halperson, Vice President – WRW Board Liaison

Ms. Terri Brisbin – VIP Liaison & Transportation Coordinator

Ms. Gwen Hernandez – Retreat Registrar and Retreat Name Badges

Ms. Denise McInery – American Author Coordinator

Ms. Deborah Barnhart – Rooming Coordinator

Ms. Christine Trent – Editor/Agent Appointment Coordinator

Ms. Robin Covington – Editor /Agent Appointment Coordinator

Ms. Binnie Braunstein – Awards Booklet/Retreat Promo/Bios

Ms. Helen Hester-Ossa – Awards Booklet/Retreat Promo/Bios

Ms. Kimberly Kincaid – Goody Bag Coordinator

Mr. Tim Bentler-Jungr – Retreat Room Setup

Ms. Lisa Dyson – Newcomer Orientation Coordinator

Ms. Keely Thrall – Romance Jeopardy

Ms. Tricia Wheeler – Retreat Recording Coordinator

Ms. Sandy Rangel – Book Swap

Making new friends and meeting with old ones.DSCF5237







Dear Readers,

Once again I was honored with the opportunity to attend the Washington Romance Writers’ retreat. I enjoyed seeing the ladies I got to meet last year and after multiple hugs we were able to catch up on what was  happening with them and me. The retreat has now taken place two years in a row at the Best Western, in Westminster, Maryland. The service and staff were exceptional and they truly pampered the members.

I got to see Leigh Duncan, author of Rodeo Daughter. Her fourth book, Rancher’s Son hit #1 in Kindle sales of all Harlequin Americans. She signed a contract for 4 more Harlequin Americans, including the one she just turned in, Major League Dad. The next three of her books will return to the Circle P, the setting for Rancher’s Son. All four of them are slated for release in 2014. She has a new grand-dog and was very proud to show pictures.

I happened upon Sally MacKenzie, author of Bedding Lord Ned, who had been enjoying a soda with Alix Rickloff, who writes as Alexa Egan, and is the author of Demon’s Curse, discussing the industry and was invited to join them.  Sally informed me that she turned in Loving Lord Ash, the last book in the Duchess of Love series. She is currently working on a new book. This was my first time meeting Alix Rickloff and it was a real pleasure. One of her books “Demon’s Curse” has been quoted by NYT bestselling author, Grace Burrowes as  “A luscious, well-told story.” Check it out.

Alison Leotta joined me for breakfast and it was really nice to see her again. She just turned in her third book, Speak of the Devil, due out August 6, 2013  and is now under contract for two more with Simon & Schuster.  Publisher’s Weekly announced: Former Washington, D.C. federal sex crimes prosecutor and author of Law of Attraction, Discretion, and the forthcoming Speak of the Devil, Allison Leotta’s fourth book in her “Anna Curtis” series follows the young prosecutor as she’s summoned to Michigan to defend her sister from the charge of murder.  The two books are due for summer 2014 and 2015.

Shiloh Walker, author of Stolen was a keynote speak and gave members a humorous, poignant and realistic outlook on the life of a writer.

There was yoga again for the ladies on Sunday morning, taught by Kimberly Kincaid, author of Love on Line, her latest book about an amnesiac detective and his partner’s culinary chef sister. I suspect things are about to get hot not only on the streets but in the kitchen as well.

The weekend sadly ended too quick, but happily with lots of raffle prizes wins, including me. The ladies who donate these baskets, each year, really go all out. I hope next year to donate one.

I highly recommend that if you are a member of the Romance Writers of America, that you find your local chapter. The local chapter is a great support group of other writers who help each other.

Last, but not least I want to thank the ladies of the “Retreat Committee” who give up their spare time to make the retreat a very fun loving and exciting experience for all of us at WRW.



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