Proofreading Services

Dear Newbie Author,

In my journey to becoming published I’ve experience many obstacles and delays due to a small or no budget at all. Often relying on friends and the kindness of others who were an editor in a past life and software editing programs to proofread my finished drafts. I even acquired a bonafide editor from a friend and paid them over $300 dollars and when I got my manuscript back it was in worse shape than when I had originally submitted it to her.

Family and friends often have the best intentions in mind when they volunteer to review your work, but then their busy schedule gets in the way, often taking months before they come back to you to tell you they don’t have the time.

That is why I decided to go into providing proofreading services at a reasonable rate. I can check your manuscript draft for typos, story inconsistencies, and grammar. I will also make suggestions if needed on how to better word sentences regardless the length of the manuscript. My fee is $150 and promise to get it back to you within a week.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further you can reach me at


Miguelina Perez