Oh Mairead, Oh Mairead

mrs carey3

Mother of the warrior, the kind and gentle, the gift, the girl, and the strong-willed,

They loved you till…

The final voyage to Eire, the land of your fathers awaits you still.

There you shall walk with your own beloved warrior; among the damp grasslands and moist pastures of County Kildare where the Buttercups await in their meadows.

Oh Mairead, Oh Mairead,

Promises will be made you shall never fall,

Eire overshadowed by your beauty, A beauty, I see in them all

Oh Mairead, Oh Mairead,

Let us cheer, here comes the final parade.

We prayed for you to stay, just a little longer,

But your warrior has called, longing for his queen, Mairead.

We and your children must content with being stronger,

As we bid you farewell with promises of no regrets.

Oh Mairead, Oh Mairead,

Mother of the warrior, the kind and gentle, the gift, the girl, and the strong-willed,

How you shall be missed so much longer.


My Irish Lullaby

Like the fiddle you are the mainstay in my life,

Come my Irish lullaby; lay here besides me, near to my heart.

Your absence like a piercing knife,

Your voice a sweet melodic embrace that says I’m loved.

Come my Irish lullaby sing to me as I lay in slumber, fill me with promises that we shall never part.

Your pain—my heart, your love—my soul, your song—my words, you—together,

Come my Irish lullaby be here with me, now and forever.


Father We Call…

 Father we call upon you…

Ever so full of grace

Father we ask of you…

Ever so loving

Father we beg of you…

Ever so giving

Father we cry unto you…

Ever so comforting

Father we always pray…

Ever so peaceful

Father we call upon you…

Always listening

Father we ask of you what is thy will…?

Love my Son, Child, who gave you more than I ever could…my will be done.


Tomorrow’s Love

Tomorrow the sun will rise and with it a hope that you will realize a love for me; and

Tomorrow’s love will be bright as we hold each other through the night,

And Love’s winter sorrow a promise it will bring as seeds of love

flourish in the spring; and

If realization doesn’t come to mind then knowledge of a love

for me, our souls will keep.


I Shall

I shall sleep on the clouds, laugh with the man on the moon, dance with the stars and bathe in the sun’s warmth,

I shall raise my hand and allow the winds to gently stir the grass as autumn leaves fall and caress my face,

I shall flow with the wind and soar with the birds, give praise to God and stand tall with the trees,

Cry with the weeping willows, I shall and smell the flowers and pluck the weeds; and

Do all these things I shall, for a child of God I shall always be.



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